Keynote Speaker

Julie Rosenberg, MD

Keynote Speaker

Julie Rosenberg, MD


Are you looking for a dynamic keynote speaker who will leave your audience with a lasting impression and practical tools to live well and lead better?

Overcoming Challenges

As a physician executive and leader of high-performing, global teams, I know full well the challenges of corporate life. Over many years, I’ve experienced first-hand the stressors of an “always-on,” high-demand workplace. At one point several years ago, I came face-to-face with physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. Worse, I felt very isolated, as I thought that no one understood the depth of my concerns. As the stressors in my life multiplied, I was at high risk for burnout.

Empowering Individuals & Teams

I love empowering individuals and groups to overcome the challenges and uncertainties of today’s busy world. The wellness practices I teach—from breathing techniques before a big presentation to simple at-your-desk meditation exercises and yoga postures to relieve stress and increase productivity—can be used by anyone during the course of an average day and are easily accessible to all. I also help people take control of their lives by showing them how to live and lead more consciously.

Practical Framework

My search for answers as to how to achieve well-being and perform better both personally and professionally led me to yoga. I’ve since created a practical framework using the principles and practice of yoga that can benefit every corporate leader and busy professional to enhance their leadership skills and position them for greater personal fulfillment and business success, while helping them to maintain good health and wellness—whether or not they’ve ever stepped on to a yoga mat!

Custom Programs

I am available for large keynote speaking engagements as well as intimate leadership team events and am happy to discuss a custom program that will meet your organization’s specific needs and objectives. Please click here to access my calendar and schedule a time for us to discuss.

Sample Keynote Topics

Let’s Eliminate Burnout as a Corporate Value

(60 minutes)
Workplace burnout is more than just fatigue. Burnout is characterized by a chronic state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, and, sadly, it has become a staple of the modern workplace. It’s bad for people and bad for teams and organizations, but the question is: How do we fix it?

In this talk, I show attendees how to incorporate key learnings from the practice and philosophy of yoga into their busy professional lives to achieve greater success, resilience, and satisfaction than they ever thought possible. I also show leaders at every level of corporate America how to stop the exodus of talent from the organization by changing the framework of the business so that it serves to empower each individual instead of limiting them.

Tips include:

  • Powerful stress-reduction and personal-management techniques employees can do in the office to better manage day-to-day challenges
  • Methods to improve presentation skills so that individuals can speak greater ease, confidence, clarity, and poise leading to greater influence and enhanced collaboration skills
  • Strategies for effective negotiation in the workplace so that leaders can develop more creative and collaborative solutions that support business success
  • Techniques for staying engaged and excited at work over the long-term by fostering open and honest communication and trust in the workplace

Effective Leadership in Times of Busyness and Uncertainty

(60 minutes)
One thing is certain – we live in uncertain times. We also live in a world that never stops. We must learn to adapt to uncertainty and find a way to plan and succeed through busyness, turmoil and volatility. We must also be capable of finding stillness amid all the motion.

In this talk, drawing from the principles and practice of yoga, as well as my experiences as a global healthcare leader, I teach attendees effective strategies to ride the wave of uncertainty and manage the busyness in their lives.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting boundaries so that individuals can better manage themselves in our 24/7 “always on” culture
  • Understanding the good, the bad and the ugly of social media — How to stay connected while still giving yourself much-needed space
  • Learnings to help you to prioritize and practice self-care without guilt
  • Shifting your mind set to become more adaptable to change
  • Strategies and practices to keep calm, focused, and productive in times of change and uncertainty

The end goal of this talk is to provide audience members with real tools they can use to become effective leaders and to live healthy and fulfilled lives.

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