Achieve Your Highest State Of Well-Being

Julie Rosenberg, MD

Achieve Your Highest State Of Well-Being

Julie Rosenberg, MD

Build resilience. Handle stress. Increase stamina. Enhance focus. Strengthen leadership. Improve overall wellness.

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“One of the Most Influential Voices on Longevity and Conscious Living”

As a physician, keynote speaker, leadership coach, author and avid yogi, Dr. Rosenberg’s passion is helping people embrace healthy lifestyles and enhance personal leadership skills in order to thrive in all aspects of life. She helps people live and lead more consciously by employing simple techniques that incorporate the principles and practice of yoga into daily life to enhance health and wellness, build leadership skills and develop greater resilience.

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Speaking Topics

Are you looking for a dynamic keynote speaker who will leave your audience with a lasting impression and practical tools to live well and lead better?

I offer a broad array of speeches for groups and organizations, including…

Let’s Eliminate Burnout as a Corporate Value

Workplace burnout is more than just fatigue. Burnout is characterized by a chronic state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, and, sadly, it has become a staple of the modern workplace. It’s bad for people and bad for teams and organizations, but the question is: How do we fix it? [More]

Effective Leadership in Times of Busyness and Uncertainty

One thing is certain – we live in uncertain times. We also live in a world that never stops. We must learn to adapt to uncertainty and find a way to plan and succeed through busyness, turmoil and volatility. We must also be capable of finding stillness amid all the motion. [More]

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Go #Beyond the Mat

Practicing yoga is an extremely popular way to get fit, but its underlying principles and philosophy offers so much more to focus the mind, build resilience, and help you to discover and unleash untapped personal power. In Beyond the Mat, business leader, physician, and certified yoga instructor Julie Rosenberg, M.D. shows you how to bring yoga out of the studio and into your personal and professional life. (On sale from Da Capo Press / Hachette Books.)